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Thy kingdom come

Encouraging, Equipping and Empowering Kingdom Leaders for a Kingdom Mandate.

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Holy Greetings,

I am excited about the assignment and vision that God has given us for Mantle Ministries International Fellowship. This is a Kingdom Assignment and Mandate. It is an honor to serve and provide covering, support, and mentoring for various pastors and ministries.

Grace & Peace,

Dr. Bobby R. Sledge

Founder & Overseer

About Mantle

Mantle Ministries International Fellowship has a God-inspired structure flexible enough to accommodate diverse arrangements and to offer participation at a variety of levels, incorporating the essential elements that provide both flexibility of operation and identity of expression but also unity of purpose and message as one body. There is no need for an ecclesiastical leader to break up his or her existing organizational work or ministry in order to conform to Mantle Ministries’ structure. On the contrary, MMIF was designed with such scenarios in mind, focusing on augmenting the leader and his or her work by providing assistance and support to equip it for further growth and expansion, while yet offering a fully-functional place within the MMIF Apostolic Hierarchal Structure.

Each covenant organization would still carry on its original operation, fulfilling its unique God-ordained purpose, while simultaneously being interwoven into a larger corporate purpose and strategy. Even those that could not for various reasons enter into full covenant relationship with MMIF, provision has been made to establish ministry partnerships for the advancement of the kingdom of God, complete with several targeted benefits for those ministries. In fact, even individuals may become part of the MMIF family in order to be trained, equipped and released into their specific kingdom assignments.